Heating oil

The heating oil is the fuel for homes and industrial or community oil fired equipment of a smaller capacity. It is a blend of gas oil fractions produced by atmospheric and vacuum distillation of the crude oil, and by catalytic cracking, and further desulphurised partially by catalytic hydrotreatment. The energy released during the combustion of heating oils is used to heat and supply hot water to, industrial and agricultural facilities.

Development trends

The improvement in the quality of heating oils is driven by the environment protection efforts. From environment protection aspect it is the reduction on the sulphur and metal contents of the heating oils that defined basically the direction of improvements. Compliance with the environmental specifications requires a continuous development of the firing equipment. The quality improvement of the heating oils required by the standards will imply primarily a reduction in the sulphur content in the coming years.

Why ECO OIL heating oil?

By the blending at the proper ratio, of the blending components refined in various processes we are producing products that satisfy the specifications in the standards. The ECO OIL heating oils contain modern functional additives, which:

  • provide a trouble free operation under proper conditions during winter application,
  • prevent water accumulation in the product.

In case of storage outdoors or in an unheated room, the pumping and atomising capability of the product is significantly reduced at temperatures below 0 °C.

The limit for pumping is 5 °C and for the vaporisation capability 20 °C must be provided.

During a prolonged storage, moisture may condense through the ventilation of the tank due to the temperature fluctuation, which may result in an increase of the water content. Water accumulated in the tank deteriorates the firing parameters, and by accumulating at the bottom of the tank, it prevents the discharge of the product. Therefore it is advisable to inspect the tanks periodically and to remove the accumulated water.